Stirred Yogurts



The classic strawberry and cream duet just got a lot more luscious and silky. Plunge into the natural goodness nurtured by Mamie herself!



The world of berry promises lots of merry! Every spoonful of Mamie's sweet Blueberry delight will transport you to the French countryside!



Refresh your taste buds with the creamy, pulpy and relaxing flavors of Mamie's Lychee delight. We have plucked a bit of summer and spring for each cup!



Do the tango with the Mango! Mamie brings you a royal treat from the king of fruits, that promises a burst of flavour in every mouthful!

Yo Pop

An innovation exclusively for the Indian market, we bring to you our novel range of flavored drinking yogurt, the Yo Pop! This comes in a 125 ml serving of smooth, delicious and chilled drink that you can have on the go. Gulp it down, feel energized, recharge and enjoy the pop of exotic flavors!

Collaborate with us!

Anmol Choubey, CEO,

Heritage Novandie Foods Private Ltd. (HNFPL)

"We are very excited about taking Mamie Yova to new heights in the Indian Market and are looking for strong and mutually enriching associations. I invite you to join hands with us in extending this gastronomical delight to more consumers in India"