Yo Pop

Pina Colada


The wholesome goodness of pineapple and coconut, Mamie knows what's good for your gut! Experience the Carribean Tropics with every sip of the Pinacolada Yo Pop!



Simple, smooth, velvety and creamy, Mamie's recipe is sure dreamy! Drift away to the chateau in the French countryside with every sip of Vanilla Yo Pop.



What better way to start your day. Mamie's recipe keeps calories at bay! The classic Banana Yo Pop is the perfect combination of nutrition and indulgence.



Gulp it down, juicy and fresh, Mamie's recipe will help you de-stress! The rich, creamy Mango Yo Pop is sure to make your taste buds hop!

Stirred Yogurts

At Mamie Yova, all of our know-how and originality – topped with a hint of quirkines and exuberance goes towards delighting our customers. Scoop up a spoonful of indulgence and awaken your taste buds with our creamy yogurt with chunky fruit pieces! It can be your companion during breakfast, lunch, late noon, and is the perfect snack for a guilt free dessert.

Collaborate with us!

Anmol Choubey, CEO,

Heritage Novandie Foods Private Ltd. (HNFPL)

"We are very excited about taking Mamie Yova to new heights in the Indian Market and are looking for strong and mutually enriching associations. I invite you to join hands with us in extending this gastronomical delight to more consumers in India"